Learning English for Work

The ability to communicate in English is important for every job. Improve your English to further your career.

Goal 1: Basic Conversation

This goal is for learners who want to improve their English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Skill levels included as part of this Goal:
1. Zero Experience
2. Beginner
3. Intermediate
4. Advanced

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Goal 2: American Culture

This goal is for learners interested in becoming more familiar with American culture. Cultural understanding is important for communication.

What you'll learn about as part of this Goal:

1. American Media and News
2. Small Talk
3. Citizenship

Go to American Culture Resources

Goal 3: Professional English

This goal is for anyone with basic English skills interested in improving their English for a professional setting.

Skills you'll learn as part of this Goal:
1. Getting Hired
2. Communication in the Workplace

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