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Your home base for career skills

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Our team has organized resources to help you build skills 

Find and apply for a job

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•  Understand your strengths
•  Find and evaluate jobs
•  Create a resume and cover letter
•  Prepare for an interview
•  Succeed during your first week

Improve your technology skills

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•  Learn to use computer at home/work everyday
•  Learn to use everyday tools such as Microsoft Word and Excel
•  Learn to code and to use data at work

Develop your workplace English

Learn More

• Learn to improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
•  Understand American culture
•  Communicate in English at work settings

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Here are our top resources for you:

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Here are our top resources for you:

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What is Skillbase?

Skillbase is a library of online career skills resources for job seekers and learners. Skillbase will show you how to learn practical skills for future or current jobs. We’ve tested hundreds of websites, apps, and online platforms to guide you to the best tools to find work, and succeed in it. We identified the common skills requested by employers across industries and job roles. Then we picked content that is easy to use and contains relevant and valuable information. We do not own the content we feature.

Who runs Skillbase?

Skillbase is run by a team of Harvard students, graduates, and faculty with experience in education, technology, business, and job training.  Our mission is to connect family, friends, and coworkers to online learning that can help them return to work and access better jobs.
Skillbase is an initiative of the Project on Workforce at Harvard, a collaborative project between the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, the Managing the Future of Work Project at Harvard Business School, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
While the Skillbase site is maintained by Harvard affiliates, the learning resources on the site are not made or owned by and do not represent the university. We think that you will find the resources we link to be useful, but, by using Skillbase, you will not complete Harvard courses and will not earn a Harvard degree.

Is everything free?

Skillbase is completely free to use. We do our best to find free resources from third-party creators, but can’t guarantee you won’t run into a paywall at some point off our site.

What is available for career coaches and staff?

We’ve created content just for career staff and host live professional development sessions on our collaborators page. Everything is free.