Goal #1: Begin the Job SearchGoal #3: Succeed at a Job

Career and Job Search
Goal #2: Apply for Jobs

This goal is for learners who want to apply for a new job by writing a resume and cover letter or preparing for an interview.

What skills will you learn here?

Understand job requirements
To make your application match what employers are looking for, you need to understand an employer's expectations.

Present yourself
To stand out from other applicants, you will need to know how to talk about yourself and your accomplishments with confidence.

Craft a resume
To get noticed by an employer, you will need a strong resume that summarizes your skills and past experiences in a clear and concise way.

Prep for the interview
To finalize a job offer, you will need to impress an employer through your presence, behavior and responses during an interview.

Follow up on a job
To make sure that companies don’t forget you, you may need to send emails or place calls that politely but confidently ask for an update on your application.

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Understand job requirements
Present yourself
Prepare for interviews
Craft a resume
Follow up on job
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